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The Navy's Polar Ice Prediction System 3.0 upgrade

The NPS 18 km Stand-Alone Sea Ice Model

The NPS 18 km resolution Stand-Alone Sea Ice Model includes:

  • A switch for using viscous-plastic ice rheology of Hibler (1979) with more efficient numerics of Zhang and Hibler (1997) or using elastic-viscous-plastic ice rheology of Hunke and Dukowicz (1997). 
  • Parkinson/Washington (1979) surface heat budgets.
  • Zero-layer thermodynamics of Semtner (1976).
  • Atmospheric forcing: 1983-1984 3-daily mean ECMWF reanalysis data.  Specifically 10 m winds, 2 m temperature and dewpoint, surface downward longwave and shortwave radiation.
  • Oceanic forcing: 1983-1984 3-daily mean output from the NPS 18 km coupled ice-ocean model.  Specifically, 10 m (first level) Temperature and Salinity, 32.5 m (2nd level) u and v velocities.

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