Monterey Inner Shelf Observatory (MISO)

Please Note: Underwater instruments at the MISO site have been turned off due to a ground fault a the underwater power control package. 9/9/08

[Image of Central California Coast Map] Location
[Image of REAL/MISO Site Schematic]
[Image of MISO/REAL Deployment]
Building of MISO
[Image of Breaking Wave] Waves and Tides [Image of Breaking Wave] Waves and Currents [Image of Video Camera]
Sand Camera
[Image of Video Camera]
Surf Cameras
[Image of Sunset] Offshore Waves [Image of Waves Washing up a Beach] Shoreline Meteorology
[Image of Global Ocean Model Sea Surface Temperature Field] NPS Oceanography Dept. [Sun and Cloud Icon]
Monterey Bay Current Conditions
[World Image]
Department of Meteorology

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