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Geospatial Information and Services ( GI & S ) Includes the Topics of Mapping, Charting and Geodesy (MC & G) Along With the Electronic Production, Storage, and Delivery of Map and Map Like Products.

Today's user of maps needs to know the fundamentals of precision location systems to operate in the world of the 21st century. We have come from precise position being 60 nautical miles in the 1700's to a few meters in the 2000's. We have gone from dead reckoning on paper charts to GPS positions fed to fully automated navigation and control systems. This course will give the student an appreciation for the important facts about precision location today, from the true physical shape of the earth to the fusion of geographically labeled data in modern electronic databases.

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This site, www.oc.nps.navy.mil/oc2902w, will have the writeups, handouts, and other electronic reference material for NPS course OC2902. Most of this material will also be present on the Class web area on the NPS Blackboard site. ( A listing and overview of all NPS Distance Learning Sites is also available. )
Some very large files may only be present on this site. Large files will have the size listed with the link.

This course is very similar to the resident course, OC3902. The OC 3902 website is at www.oc.nps.navy.mil/oc3902.

Some the material included here is also on my personal website, www.oc.nps.navy.mil/~jclynch.

Many of the documents are in Adobe PDF format. The reader can be obtain free at Get Acroread

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NPS OC 2902 - Site Map

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Class Topics


Where It Fits In

Physical Geodesy They way it is
Coordinates and Datums How we label/tag places
Projections and Maps How we put tagged items on flat displays
Remote Sensing Data input for maps / use with maps
Time and GPS Precise tagging systems / use with maps
Geographic Information Systems Maps and computers - How it works
Applications Electronic Maps / Navigation / Navy

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Materials for Class By Topics


Overview Material


Geodesy Material

Coordinates Material

Maps and Projections

Global Positioning System and Clocks Material

Geographical Information Systems Material

Applications of GI&S


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NPS OC 2902 - Background Material

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General Links

Naval Postgraduate School Home Page
Resident GI&S Course Website
NPS Blackboard site
NPS Distance Learning Sites
James R. Clynch's Website

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