Effects of High Amplitude Solitary Internal Waves
In Coastal Regions

Assoc. Res. Prof. Tim. Stanton, stanton@nps.edu
Ocean Turbulence Lab, Room 329

During the DARPA/NOAA ETL/ONR sponsored Coastal Ocean Probe Experiment, a detailed profile timeseries of upper ocean velocity, T/S structure and dissipation rates were collected from FLIP, at a site just inshore of the shelf break in Northern Oregon. This rich data set has already been used to characterize the observed SIW as attaining a world record in nonlinearity (Stanton and Ostrovsky , GRL pp2695-2698, 1998), and the effects of the SIW field in modifying the turbulent diffusivity of the pycnocline has been explored in a submitted paper. This data set has several outstanding research areas remaining:


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Last Reviewed: February 2003
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