Iron Enrichment Experiment (IRONEX) 1993

Mixing a batch of iron and SF6

[Image of iron mixing in progress on R/V Iselin]

We participated in the first open ocean iron enrichment study by establishing a Lagrangian reference frame for the experiment, and identifying the physical processes contributing to the dispersion of the SF6 tagged, iron enriched surface patch. A GPS navigated, drogued drifter buoy defined the center of an 8 by 8 km patch of trace iron and SF6 while the mixed layer patch was being formed over a 24 hour period. The buoy telemetered its position to a shipboard computer every 10 minutes allowing a Lagrangian reference frame to be established for the patch formation and subsequent patch mapping over the following 8 days. Continuous ADCP measurements and daily towyo CTD and thermal microstructure measurements helped define the processes responsible for vertical and horizontal spreading of the patch.

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