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Rip Current 
Drifter Movie

Surfzone drifters deployed in a rip current in Monterey Bay, CA
Collaborators: Ad Reniers, Tim Stanton, Ed Thornton, Edie Gallagher
Students: Jenna Brown, Jeff Brown, Jon Morrison
supported by ONR & NSF

Cross-shore Exchange Carmel River State Beach

Evaluating cross-shore exchange on a steep reflective beach.
Collaborators: Ad Reniers, Alan Shanks, Steven Morgan
Students: Jenna Brown, Dave Watson, Atsushi Fujimara
Supported by NSF & ONR

ONR New River Inlet

Inlet residence time, subtidal and tidal wave propagation, DELFT3D evaluation
Collaborators: Ad Reniers
Students: Micah Weltmer, Patrick Rynne, Jenna Brown, Jeanette Sheets
Supported by ONR

Kootenai River, ID

Coherent riverine motions and scales, DELFT3D modeling, river mixing and transport
Collaborators: Ad Reniers
Students: Bill Swick, Jenna Brown, Patrick Rynne, Chris Tuggle
Supported by ONR 

Mouth of the Columbia River

subtidal motions, horizontal surface mixing, wave-current interaction  with SAR images
Collaborators: Ad Reniers, Guy Gelfenbaum, Andrew Stevens, Hans Graber, Roland Romeiser
Students: Kyle Baden, Conor Smith
Supported by ONR