Time Series Analysis


Topics include: Fourier Series, Fourier Transform, Autocorrelation Function, Autospectra, Simple Signals, Confidence Interval, Aliasing, Experiment Design, Convolution, Filtering, Transfer Functions, Windows, Cross-Correlation, Cross- Spectra, Coherence & Phase, Standing & Progressive Waves

Littoral Field Studies


Design and perform a field experiment based on a scientific hypothesis. Topics include: Scientific Hypothesis, Funding & Proposals,  Instrumention, Field Deployment Methods, Data Naming & Storage, Data Quality Control, Data Analysis,  Figure Presentation & Scientific Writing

Nearshore Processes


Topics include: Wave Generation, Linear Wave Theory, Shoaling & Refraction, Wave Breaking, Radiation Stresses, Wave Set-up & Set-down, Infragravity Waves, Undertow, Alongshore Currents, Rip Currents, Sediments, Sediment Transport

Littoral Capstone Field Project Uses Unmanned Systems to Map Tidal Inlet Flows

As future Navy SEALs swim silently toward shore, they will be armed with validated 3D maps of the tides, waves and currents between their location and the target thanks to cutting-edge research by a Naval Postgraduate School faculty-student team.

Pictures of previous class experiments highlighting all of the fun collecting field data! 

Fall 2016 - ocean turbulence/acoustics (Sand City, CA)

Spring 2016 -tilting current meter/internal waves (Sand City, CA)

Fall 2015 - internal waves (Monterey Harbor, CA)

Spring 2015 - temperature variability (Sand City,CA)

Fall 2014 - sand temperature fluxes (Del Monte Beach, CA)

Fall 2013 - harbor and bay seiche (Monterey Bay, CA)

Winter 2013 - UUV and DELFT3D operations (Miami, FL)

Winter 2012 - UUV and DELFT3D operations (Miami, FL)

Fall 2011-thermal outfall (Elkhorn Slough, CA)

Spring 2010- surfzone turbulence (Del Monte Beach, CA)

Summer 2009- tidal vertical current structure (Elkhorn Slough, CA)