Interactive Geoid Computation

Instructions for Geoid Computation

  1. There are two levels of maps used to perform a computation.
    The first map of the world is just used to pick one of 9 world segments. This allows the data to be divided into managable sizes for downloading.

  2. Click on one of the 9 areas to down load the data and a map of that area of the world. A new map of that area of the world will be displayed. Once in an area of the world many points can be processed.

  3. Move the pointer over the map. The latitude and longitude are displayed as it moves.

  4. Clicking on a point in the map causes a computation to be perfomed. The value of the geoid height from both the 18 degree (low resolution) and 360 degree (high resolution) models will be displayed. The difference is also displayed.

  5. Click on other points in this world area or click BACK to choose another world area.

Link to Geoid Height Computation