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Wieslaw Maslowski
Research Associate Professor
Mail Code: OC/Ma
Department of Oceanography
Graduate School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Monterey, CA 93943
Phone: 831 656-3162
PhD - Univ of Alaska, 1994
MS - Univ of Gdansk, 1987
  • 2001–Present: Research Associate Professor, Department of Oceanography
  • 1995–2001: Research Assistant Professor, Department of Oceanography (Conduct reimbursable research, support student thesis research, teach descriptive oceanography course)
  • 1999 - 1999: Visiting Assistant Professor, Univ of California Santa Cruz
  • 1991 - 1994: NASA Global Change Fellow, Univ of Alaska, Fairbanks, Alaska
  • 1988 - 1988: Research Assistant, Univ of Alaska Fairbanks, Institute of Marine Science
  • 1994-1995: Postdoctoral Fellow, NOAA Global and Climate Change
  • Descriptive Physical Oceanography
  • Polar Oceanography
  • Dynamical Oceanography
  • Numerical Modeling
  • Arctic Oceanography
  • Numerical Ocean and Sea Ice Modeling
  • Ocean General Circulation
  • Climate Change
  • Special Act Award, Naval Postgraduate School, 1998
  • NOAA Global and Climate Change Postdoctoral Fellowship, 1994-1995
  • NASA Global Change Graduate Fellowship, 1991-1994
  • Graduate Program in Marine Sciences and Limnology, Outstanding Ph.D. Student Award, 1994
  • 2003-present: National Academies of Science / National Reaserch Council Committee on A Science Plan for the North Pacific Research Board
  • NSF Committee for the Bering Sea Initiative, December 2002-present
  • Arctic Region Supercomputing Center Technology Panel, December 2000- present
  • Board of Directors of the Arctic Research Consortium of the United States, March 1999 – present
  • Numerical Experimentation Group of the Arctic Climate System Study / Climate and Cryosphere Program, October 1998 – present
  • Polar Meteorology and Oceanography Committee of the American Meteorological Society, December 1998 – May 2001
  • Co-Chairman of the SCICEX 2000 Workshop on Submarine-Based Arctic Science after the Year 2000, Warrenton, VA, 6-8 October, 1998
  • Co-chairman of the Arctic Forum at the Arctic Research Consortium of the United States Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C., 2000, 2002, and 2004
  • Co-Chairman of the Fall 1998 AGU Special Session on Recent Advances in Understanding the Arctic System
  • member of American Geophysical Union and The Oceanography Society
PUBLICATIONS: (View an extended list)
  • Maslowski, W., D. Marble, W. Walczowski, U. Schauer, J. L. Clement, and A. J. Semtner (2004), On climatological mass, heat, and salt transports through the Barents Sea and Fram Strait from a pan-Arctic coupled ice-ocean model simulation, J. Geophys. Res., 109, C03032, doi:10.1029/2001JC001039
  • Maslowski, W., W.H. Lipscomb: High-resolution Simulations of Arctic Sea Ice During 1979-1993, Polar Research, 22, 67-74, 2003.
  • Maslowski, W., W. Walczowski: On the circulation of the Baltic Sea and its connection to the Pan-Arctic region – a large scale and high-resolution modeling approach, Boreas Environmental Research, 7, 319-325, 2002.
  • Maslowski, W., D.C. Marble, W. Walczowski, A.J. Semtner: On Large Scale Shifts in the Arctic Ocean and Sea Ice Conditions during 1979-1998, Annals of Glaciol., V. 33, pp. 545-550, 2001.
  • Maslowski, W., B. Newton, P. Schlosser, A.J. Semtner, and D.G. Martinson: Modeling Recent Climate Variability in the Arctic Ocean, Geophys. Res. Lett., V. 27(22), pp. 3743-3746, 2000.
  • (Large Scale Shifts in the Arctic Ocean and Sea Ice Conditions during 1979-1998)
  • (Modeling Recent Climate Variability in the Arctic Ocean)
  • Keywords: Arctic Environmental Change, Ocean Circulation, Numerical Modeling