LES Modeling

PI:Ramsey Harcourt

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In preparation for the field experiment, a one-dimensional model will be developed which parameterizes the type III instability dynamics described above. This, plus LES modeling, will be used to study mechanisms for enhancing the instability such as differential advection of mixed layer water by Ekman transport off of Maud Rise and vertical stretching of the water column by barotropic motion on the flanks of Maud Rise. Analysis similar to those in Fig.Ha1 shows an increase in instability due to such stretching. These analyses ill be used to help design sampling strategies for drifting, moored and semi-Lagrangian field measurements and will be used during the experiment for real-time prediction. Participation in the field experiment will include assisting in deployment of Lagrangian floats and running these models. Modeling predictions under way will help guide decisions on mooring and ice drift measurement locations by identifying conditions most prone to NES instabilities.