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R. D. Muench

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My major role in DOVETAIL, ANZFLUX, and many other Arctic and Antarctic programs has been the use of CTD and velocity measurements from ships and sea-ice camps to investigate the intermediate- and small-scale causes of mixing in high-latitude oceans. These processes include double-diffusive convection, internal waves and tides, dense plumes, and submesoscale and larger eddies and fronts. I will apply this experience, which has evolved primarily through participation in large, coordinated projects, to the proposed, multiscaled analysis of upper-ocean mixing near Maud Rise. My work will involve participation in the austral winter, small-scale process cruise, and contributing to the analysis of data collected on the mooring cruises and other existing data sets relevant to mesoscale and small-scale variability in the Maud Rise region. The primary objective of these efforts is to provide a description of the setting in which the anticipated ocean mixing actually occurs through NES processes.