Regional Modeling

PI:David Holland

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As mentioned earlier, the modeling component of this proposal consists of three subcomponents: one-dimensional column modeling (1DM), large eddy simulation (LES) modeling, and regional scale modeling (RSM). The 1DM and LES modeling activities are quite distinct from the RSM. Both the 1DM and the LES models provide very high resolution of local processes occurring in the upper ocean waters while the regional scale model (RSM) is of much coarser resolution, yet capable of describing the evolution of the ocean state over the entire geographical region of the experiment. The major objective of the RSM activity is to assimilate the process study data, mooring data, and satellite observations and the highresolution 1DM and LES model output to produce a more robust representation of the sub-grid scale effects of NES instabilities in regional and larger-scale circulation modeling. This will be attained by developing a physically-based parameterization of the effect of NES convective instabilities that will be then embedded in the RSM.