Jamie MacMahan

Nearshore Processes Laboratory

Naval Postgraduate School            

Oceanography Department

833 Dyer Rd., Bldg 232, Room 327c

Monterey, CA 93943


ph: 831-656-2379

fax: 831-656-2712



Classes: 1) Nearshore & Wave Processes; 2) Analysis of Air-Ocean Time Series


Research Interests: Rip currents, Surfzone Processes, Instrumentation, Field Work, &

Autonomous Unmanned Vehicles (AUVs)


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Current & Proposed Research Efforts (Thesis Topics)


Rip Current Experiment (RCEX)Sand City, Monterey Bay, CA – Spring 2007

Collaborators: MacMahan, Stanton, Thornton, Reniers, & Gallagher

Figure – Experimental Instrument Array & Rip Current Drifter Deployments



Surfzone Crawler – MacMahan and Gallagher



Tidal Flats Directive Research Initiative

Collaborators: MacMahan, Stanton, Shaw, & Thornton

Figure- Korean Tidal Flats



Truc Vert, France – Proposed 2008

Collaborators: MacMahan, Stanton, Thornton, Kirby, Reniers, Gallagher, the Plymouth

boys, a lot of French investigators, Australians, and New Zealanders

Figure – Complex bar morphology of Truc Vert, France