1999 ICON-related Cruises

Name/Funding Dates (1999) Ship Chief Scientist Tentative Scientific Personnel* ICON-related tasks
NAVO 1 Jan. 6-20 Pt Sur Wagner Rago, Anderson, Bourke Line 67
CNMOC 1 Jan 26-Feb 2 Pt Sur Collins Rago, Anderson, Stone (leg 1) Recover S2 and S3 and deploy Pioneer source on leg 1 (1/26-29)
ICON 1 Feb. 4-5 Pt Sur Rosenfeld Stone, Rago, Anderson, Cowen Deploy S2, S3
MBARI 1 Mar. 16-17 Pt Sur Tengdin Flynn M3 turnaround
CNMOC 2 Apr. 20-23 Pt Sur Collins Rago, Anderson Line 67
MBARI 2 May 14 Pt Sur Tengdin   M2 Turnaround
MBARI 3 May 23-29 New Horizon Chavez   Line 67
ICON 2 July 20-21 Pt Sur Ramp Bahr, Fayos Recover S2, S3
CNMOC 3 July 23-30 Pt Sur Collins Rago, Anderson Tomo line hydro on leg 2; Deploy S2 and S3 on leg 2
ICON 3 Aug. 24 Pt Sur Ramp Bahr Deploy M4
ICON 4 Aug. 28-Sept. 2 Pt Sur Collins Rago, Anderson, Bourke, Bahr Tomo line hydrography; AOSN SITE-99 Station
MBARI 4 Oct. 1 Pt. Sur Chavez   M1 mooring turnaround
MBARI 5 Oct. ?? Western Flyer Chavez    
ICON 5 Oct. 22-24 Pt. Sur Collins Stone, Anderson, Cowen Mooring maintenance
ICON 6 Nov. 3-4 Pt. Sur Ramp   Mooring maintenance, tomo line & GEK hydro.
NAVO 2 Nov. 10-24 Pt. Sur TBD Rago, Anderson Line 67
ICON 7 May 00 (4 day) Pt. Sur TBD   Tomo line hydro, M4 visit
ICON 8 Aug 00 (1 day) Pt. Sur TBD   M4 Recovery

*These people were tentatively identified as of 12/23/98 by C. Collins. Please confirm and add to this list.

The following people may also be available for ICON cruises:

Fred Bahr ICON mooring technician at NPS
Chad Whelan ICON HF radar technician at CSUMB
Oliver Fringer Stanford graduate student working with Bob Street on non-hydrostatic internal wave modeling; He has been to sea with Rosenfeld before and has expressed interest in going again.
  • Please let us know of others who should be added to this list.

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