Forcing and Boundary Conditions:

Animated GIF Files:

File gm_vel_SST_56month_9_14.gif contains plots of SST and surface velocity for 5th and 6th months (May and June) of 1995 (notation 9_14 is for temp. range). File gm_vel_SST_89month_9_14.gif contains plots of SST and surface velocity for 8th and 9th months (Aug. and Sept.) of 1995.

Preliminary Results:

Results are preliminary and far from final. At the same time, there are some positive results. If you look at gm_vel_SST_56month_9_14.gif for 18 June, you can see strong upwelling and the correct position for cold water formation on the south of Monterey Bay near Pt. Sur (cf Rosenfeld et al., Cont Shelf Res). If you compare fig.2 of the Rosenfeld et al. paper with the May 23-26 model results, you can see similar offshore spreading of a cold water tongue in the southern portion of the Monterey Bay area. If you look at the gm_vel_SST_89month_9_14.gif files you can see strong upwelling during August and the expected direction of currents when we approach the Bay from deep water. Absent, however, is the background cyclonic circulation within Monterey Bay described seen in 1994 by Paduan and Rosenfeld (JGR, 1996).

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