Proceedings 2009



Conference Presentations


(1) Chu, P.C., 2009: Analysis of remotely sensed ocean data by the optimal spectral decomposition (OSD) method.  IEEE/MTS OCEANS 2009, Biloxi, Mississippi  (paper download).


(2) Chu, P.C., and Y.-H. Kuo, 2009: Biophysical variability in the Kuroshio Extension from Altimeter and SeaWiFS. IEEE/MTS OCEANS 2009, Biloxi, Mississippi (paper download).


(3) Chu, P.C., K. Kyriakidis, S.D. Haeger, and M. Ward, 2009: Tidal effect on chemical dispersion in San Diego Bay, International Conference on Coastal Processes, Wessex Institute of Technology  (paper download).


(4) Chu, P.C., and C.-W. Fan, 2009: Transformed flux-form semi-Lagrangian schemes for coastal ocean modeling. Eighth Conference on Coastal Atmospheric and Oceanic Prediction and Process, American Meteorological Society  (paper download).


(5) Chu, P.C., C. Sun, and C.-W. Fan, 2009: Detection of thermohaline structure and meridional overturning circulation above and below the ocean surface. Twenty First Conference on Climate Variability and Change, American Meteorological Society (paper download).


(6) Chu, P.C., 2009: Weibull distribution for global surface current speeds obtained from satellite altimetry. Sixteenth Conference on Satellite Meteorology  and Oceanography,  American Meteorological Society (paper download).


(7) Chu, P.C., 2009: Development of 6-DOF model for underwater bomb trajectory prediction with application to the stand-off assault breaching weapon fuse improvement (SOABWFI). European Undersea Defense Technology 2009 Conference, 10 pages in DVD-Rom  (paper download).








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