Arctic River Tracer Experiment 1979 - 1998



This CD-ROM includes animations of selected fields from the Arctic River Tracer Experiment (ARTEX) experiment. The disc contains a short description of the model and movies in *.avi format arranged using the hypertext. You need a standard Internet browser (e.g. MS Explorer or Netscape) to view the content of this disk. We believe, these animations may help in better understanding ocean circulation patterns, dynamics and its variability. These movies might especially be useful for people, who do not have direct access to the model and its results, as they provide a partial overview of model skill and its potential. Also please note, that every image presented here is a result of years of work by a team of people processing thousands of megabytes of data.

    A total of nine tracers have been used including 6 Russian rivers (Dvina and Pechora, Ob, Yenisey, Kotuy, Lena, Indigirka and Kolyma), Mackenzie River, Bering Strait Inflow and Atlantic Water tracer. The sequences show the tracers concentrations at the 5 upper model layers in the Arctic Ocean:
    Level 1 0-20 m
    Level 2 20-45 m
    Level 3 45-70 m
    Level 4 70-100 m
    Level 5 100-140 m
In addition, concentrations of the Atlantic origin tracer are shown at deeper levels.
    Some animations show the entire model domain others show particular tracers over smaller regions. The total tracer sequences integrate effects from all fresh water sources. Some movies show a single or two river tracers combined, e.g. Ob and Yenisey or Lena and Kotuy. Two animations of the Atlantic tracer along arctic-wide vertical transects are also included. The first section along the line I=96 runs from Alaska to Novaya Zemlya, the second along the line J=132 (both in model coordinates) goes from the Laptev Sea to Greenland. Section locations are shown on the global map. Vertical axes of transects (depth) are in meters. 
    Each image represents a snapshot of model output every 30 days. Different color scales are used and often scales are not linear. This helps to better show spreading and advection of even small amount of tracers. Numbers along the coordinates are model grid points, with a spatial step of 1/6 (~18 km). Bottom bathymetry contours are model depths.
Isolines of constant tracer concentration are added to several movies. 
To play a movie, use the Windows Media Player or equivalent programs. It can be downloaded from
To request additional copies of this disk or for more information please contact the CD-ROM author:

Dr. Waldemar Walczowski 
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