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Modeling and Simulation of Ocean Turbulence and Air-Sea Interaction
Department of Oceanography, Naval Postgraduate School

The long-term goal of the Oceanic Planetary Boundary Layer (OBPL) Laboratory at the Naval Postgraduate School is to understand the role of oceanic turbulent boundary layers in modifying physical and biogeochemical properties in the global oceans.

We are currently focusing on two major research projects:

  1. Simulation of Convection
  2. Tropical Ocean Mixed Layer System
  3. As part of the TOGA COARE (Tropical Ocean Global Atmosphere - Coupled Ocean Atmosphere Response Experiment), we are examining the response of the tropical and equatorial turbulent boundary layer system to unsteady atmospheric forcing on time scales of diurnal to annual.

In support of these projects, the OPBL Lab has developed a suite of numerical models:

  • NPS Mixed Layer Model
  • LES
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