RASM Workshop 5

University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Student Union Building (HUB) Room 214

April 25-27, 2013





Registration not required.


Other information:

The meeting will be held on campus in Room 214 in the HUB (Student Union Building). This is a conference room that will be set up for 30 people and has a built-in projector. Our reservation is from 8AM-5PM on Thursday, April 25 and Friday, April 26, and from 8AM-1PM on Saturday, April 27. All meetings will be held in the same room.

The building has food services, etc, and is centrally located on campus (http://uw.edu/maps/?hub).

Parking is available on campus for $15/day or on a lot (E1 - http://uw.edu/maps/?E1) immediately east of campus (university owned) for $6/day (bring change, since it's a machine that takes cash). This lot is about 5 minutes walk from the HUB.

Public transportation is widely available and the HUB has a major bus stop right in front. This might well be the fastest option for most people, since traffic is not great in Seattle. Downtown to the University is about 20 minutes by bus (https://www.washington.edu/facilities/transportation/commuterservices/bus-train).

As for lodging: Many of you may be staying downtown because of the AMS polar meeting that immediately follows our RASM meeting. However, there are some lodging options closer to the UW. In the University District there are the University Inn (www.universityinnseattle.com/), the Watertown Hotel (http://www.watertownseattle.com), and Hotel Deca (http://www.hoteldeca.com/), all close to each other and about a 15 minutes walk from the HUB. There are some other options, but these are where we typically suggest that people stay.