Telecon - 09.03.16
Attedning:  Andrew, Chunmei, Mark, Jackie, John, Justin, Brandon, Tony, Dennis, He, Bill

1.  Summary of coding party
Tony:  good progress.  Ocean/ice running ok on regional grid.  VIC/land running.  WRF is unstable.  Working on new grids.  (see his email notes)

Blowing up in radiation time step.

Mark:  NCAR people are very interested in seeing that this works and willing to help.  Met with key MMM people since coming back from Fairbanks, and will meet with more.

Mark:  Possible issue?  Timing of various physical packages?  But MMM WRF feedback is that current set up should be fine.   NCAR people are interested in including our work in WRF repository (and thus in their system).  This will keep it in line with WRF development and also give us access to their expertise on problems.

Mark:  This assumes that we are interested in sharing our work with them, but John and Bill think this is very advantageous and one way of demonstrating productivity and community interest.

Mark:  John Michelakis (sp?) said we could contact him directly.
John C - need to think about time of when we make the code available vs. when we publish.
Bill:  Either give publication we prefer users cite or give form of an acknowledgement we would like.

He:  are there standards we must meet?  Contact point?
JC:  John Michelakis will be

Bill:  Issue with PBL coupling?
Mark: Could be, but not apparent yet.

Need to arrange periodic interaction with He, Colorado and ISU groups.
Meet weekly? May be good frequency in that not everyone will not be able to participate each time.

>>> Bill to send email to WRF group on setting up a meeting time.

He:  Issue on time manager?
Tony:  ESM time manager - work underway.  The CCSM and WRF time managers are not exactly the same versions.  He has worked to get around differences, but need to have a unified version.

Tony:  For diagnosing WRF: Turn back on surface coupling inside the modified WRF and turn off import of external fields.  Does it work?  This is a simple way of seeing if some alteration to produce the WRF-CPL coupling has disrupted the normal operation of WRF.


Dennis:  Don't understand what CAM doesn't like that VIC is providing.  Do we need help from a CAM person?  VIC likes what it gets from CAM.
Tony:  In stand-alone mode - VIC is running ok.  Run CLM and VIC both in stand-alone mode and compare fields being exchanged with CAM.
Dennis:  Is there a partially coupled mode that allows better viewing of data passing in/out?
Tony:  Data mode should allow testing whereby both CLM and VIC get the same input, and their output to CPL can be compared to look for egregious errors.


Tony:  POP/CICE now running, including with restarts. Running on regional grid.

5.  CCPP meeting

Poster:  Jackie will collect input from us.  Need to determine what the modules will be and who will send what.  She will interact with Wieslaw to determine that.  The poster contributions should form the basis for Wieslaws's ppt file.